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IPCA610 Standard Certification in Electronic Manufacturing

Posted On April 26 2018

At a very basic level, IPC-A-610 amounts to high-level inspection and passage requirements for printed circuit board (PCB) assemblies in electronic ...

The Highest Level of Trust for Your Electronic Assembly

Posted On April 24 2018

Imagine you are traveling across the Atlantic by plane. You are standing on a tarmac, bags by your side, when two different aircraft roll up. You are offered a ...

How to Turn Your Idea into Reality

Posted On April 11 2018

You've got this great big idea. You can’t believe no one else has thought of it before. You're going to sell millions! But one small problem.

NIST SP800-171 at Levison Enterprises

Posted On April 5 2018

Levison Enterprises is proud to commit early to standards that improve our client's data security.

Importance of Being NIST SP800-171 Compliant

Posted On April 4 2018

The National Institute of Standards and Technology published the standards in NIST SP800-171 for all contractors and subcontractors for the United States ...

6 Reasons to Consider a Box Build

Posted On March 28 2018

A box build isn’t the only way to complete your project, but for quality, high-efficiency projects, a box build is a process worth considering. Here are 6 ...

How an ECM Helps You Meet Your Flow Down Needs

Posted On March 23 2018

Flow down helps keep counterfeit parts out and improves supply chain accountability, but it may make your business harder, too.

Build Efficiency Into Your Project with an All In One Electronic Manufacturing

Posted On March 21 2018

No matter what you’re looking to manufacture, you’re looking for efficiency. An all-in-one electronic manufacturer means cost savings and high-level quality ...

Transfer Your Project to an All-in-One Manufacturer

Posted On March 16 2018

  Go ahead. Put all your eggs in one basket with Levison Enterprises.  Once you’ve decided to outsource part or all of your project to an electronic contract ...

Electronic Manufacturer's Alphabet Soup: OEM, CEM, EMS, ECM, CM, & ODM

Posted On March 15 2018

In the manufacturing world, electronic manufacturers use many different acronyms. Depending on your project and specialty, you might need a pocket dictionary ...

The ITAR Advantage for All Electronic Manufacturing Projects

Posted On March 9 2018

In the electronic manufacturing world, it’s likely that you’ve needed to sub-contract work at times. With a host of competing factors to consider, sometimes it ...