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Advantages of Flex PCBA

Modern electronics require lightweight, yet durable, components. Heat, vibration, and moving parts will take its toll on traditional connections. Flexible printed circuit boards offer solutions to all these potential problems and more. Using flex PCBs are beneficial in many different applications and will work well in nearly every project. Before you outsource your next PCBA project, consider the advantages of incorporating flex circuits.
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Understanding Parts Obsolescence in Avionics

As technology and innovation have advanced hand-in-hand, their speed has also increased. The old joke that your new computer was obsolete the moment you opened the box still stands decades after the personal computer industry began. Avionics has its own obsolescence issues, though the differences between the aerospace industry and your new laptop are obvious. While it’s easy to say they both include electronics, it’s feasible to run out and purchase a new laptop that takes advantage of new components and technology. That's not so easily done with a Boeing 737.
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Benefits of a Domestic Turnkey ECM for Your Rigid-Flex PCB

Turnkey manufacturing is the smart choice for printed circuit board development and manufacturing. And partnering with a domestic turnkey ECM for your rigid-flex PCB is a great way to go. Instead of outsourcing various stages of your PCBs to multiple locations - and possibly different countries - turnkey manufacturing is a one-stop-shop. This full-service manufacturing process provides everything you need when it comes to manufacturing and supply chain services. This includes design, fabrication, installation, aftermarket support, and technical support. Domestic turnkey manufacturing gives you the expertise and service of multiple contractors under one roof and comes with a multitude of benefits for your rigid-flex PCB project.