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Advantages of Flex PCBA

Posted On February 5 2021

Modern electronics require lightweight, yet durable, components. Heat, vibration, and moving parts will take its toll on traditional connections. Flexible ...

Benefits of a Domestic Turnkey ECM for Your Rigid-Flex PCB

Posted On August 31 2020

Turnkey manufacturing is the smart choice for printed circuit board development and manufacturing. And partnering with a domestic turnkey ECM for your ...

What to Look for in a Rigid-Flex PCB Manufacturing Partner

Posted On June 24 2020

Rigid-flex printed circuit board components represent the next evolution of standard printed circuit boards. Combining the best of both worlds, rigid-flex ...

Does Your Project Need a Flexible PCB?

Posted On June 19 2020

Though they only occupy a small percentage of total circuit boards produced worldwide, flexible printed circuit boards are on the verge of driving that ...