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Employee Spotlight: Pam Steele

Levison Enterprises enjoys a great reputation not only as a great electronic manufacturer that provides customers with quality services but also as a company that highly values its employees. Occasionally, we shine a spotlight on those who help us achieve our goals and high standards for customer service. That said, we would like to introduce you to Pam Steele, a relatively new but awesome, hardworking, and reliable member of our team.
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Employee Spotlight Mark Visetchaisi

Here at Levison Enterprises, we consider ourselves lucky to have the staff we have. We owe a great part of our success to the hard work of everyone involved with our business. Our company just wouldn't be the same without employees like Mark Visetchaisi, who joined our family here at Levison Enterprises this year as a Quality Manager and has already contributed significantly to our efforts and to our culture.
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Employee Spotlight- Kay Seiple

At Levison Enterprises, we strongly believe that our success is driven by the hard work of our employees. It's why we like to take the time to give credit where credit is due. Today, we would like to shine a light on Kay Seiple, a production manager here at Levison Enterprises who has been with us since the very beginning.
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Employee Spotlight: Mary Domonkos

Here at Levison Enterprises, we like to take time to focus on the people who help drive the success of our company -- our employees. Today, we would like to shine the spotlight on Mary Domonkos. Mary oversees our cable and wire harness assembly department as the department manager and is actively involved with the production area where she performs assembly for units and harnesses ordered by our customers.
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Employee Spotlight-Steve Bishop

  Here at Levison Enterprises, we enjoy a reputation as not just a quality electronic manufacturer, but as a company that goes the extra mile to provide our customers with the service they deserve. 
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Employee Spotlight - Dwindal Webb

Every once in a while, we like to shine a spotlight on the people that have helped to make Levison Enterprises so successful and who continue to help drive our company forward. Today, we want to introduce you to Dwindal Webb, who works for us as a buyer material planner. It's employees like Dwindal that help to maintain and build our reputation as a trustworthy, reliable, and high-quality electronic manufacturing partner.