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Exploring the Difference Between Cable Assemblies and Wire Harnesses

Posted On March 18 2020

To the layperson, cable assemblies and wire harnesses sound like the same thing. The fact that the terms get thrown around interchangeably by those in the know ...

Benefits of Custom Cable Assembly

Posted On March 11 2020

When a generic cable assembly isn’t fitting your needs perfectly, it may be time for you to consider stepping up to a custom cable assembly that is designed, ...

Benefits of Prototyping Your Government Cable Assembly

Posted On February 24 2020

When dealing with government cable assembly manufacturing, there's no room for surprises. That's why our experienced design and engineering team at Levison ...

Benefits of Full-Service Cable and Wire Harness Assemblies

Posted On February 21 2020

If you are in electronic manufacturing, you know how important the right components can be to your finished product. If the backbone of your manufactured goods ...