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IPC Standards and Why They Matter to Your Electronic Manufacturing Process

Posted On July 10 2018

/p> When we talk about standards, we often think about processes. When we talk about IPC Standards, however, what we’re really talking about is the actual ...

Four Characteristics of A Quality Electronics Manufacturer

Posted On June 29 2018

The term Electronic Manufacturing Service took off in the early 1970s. Up until that point, most large-scale production was handled by in-house assembly. As ...

Electronic Component Shortages Are Real

Posted On June 28 2018

Does it seem like everything you need – all your parts and materials – are either going way up in price, taking longer to get, or completely inaccessible ...

5 Ways To Clear Your Path To Successful Electronics Design

Posted On June 18 2018

You already know that your design package is key to a well-manufactured end product. Without good design, timelines, quality, and basically all your money may ...

Seagate Security Solutions Case Study

Posted On June 4 2018

Seagate Mobile Security Solutions prides itself on keeping job sites secure for its customers. The company aims to save clients money while protecting valuable ...

Why Your Electronic Manufacturer Should Use Automated Optical Inspection

Posted On May 29 2018

  Automated optical inspection or AOI uses an autonomous camera to scan devices for missing components or quality problems. This method of automated visual ...

How Levison Enterprises Builds A Quote

Posted On May 22 2018

Have you ever received a quote from a vendor and wondered what they were thinking when they wrote it? Sometimes they come back over-simplified and you know ...

Outsourcing Your Product Design to Your Electronic Manufacturer

Posted On May 18 2018

The saying goes, “measure twice, cut once.” In manufacturing, we could probably apply that saying everyday and in a multitude of ways. As we literally measure ...

Additional Services Your Electronic Contract Manufacturer Should Offer

Posted On May 16 2018

Basic manufacturing is not enough in the highly-competitive electronics manufacturing world.

Get Efficiency with Dedicated Project Managing From an Electronic Manufacturer

Posted On May 14 2018

The saying goes that if you want a job done right, do it yourself. But when it comes to getting your high tech and multifaceted manufacturing projects ...

What a Good Project Manager Can Do for Your Electronic Assembly

Posted On May 10 2018

In all complicated projects, the best-laid plans and good intentions are only good until the first real project hiccup. Realistically, even a project that ...

What is IPC-A-610 J-STD-001 For An Electronic Manufacturer

Posted On April 27 2018

J Standard, or it’s more official title IPC J-STD-001 is a standard that lists the requirements for the manufacture of electronic assemblies. This standard is ...